Selector Limited

Selector Insight

Selector Insight is the ideal tool when you are recruiting for roles up to and including mid-management.

Selector Insight is an easy-to-use and effective tool that provides a detailed profile of an individual’s operational style. It can help you with prospect screening and selection, performance validation and performance management.

It provides an objective, all-round snapshot of candidates, including general abilities, personality and work styles, even resilience to stress. It often forms the basis for team profiling and benchmarking.

Widely used by accredited human resource managers, employers and recruiting professionals, this online assessment generates a full, written and graphically illustrated report as soon as the candidate completes it.

What does it measure?

Easy to use and cost-effective

The report uses clear and concise language to evaluate and provide a comprehensive interpretation of each scale.

Selector Insight retails for NZ$285 per candidate, including verbal feedback. Discounts apply to accredited users and for volume.

See the sample report to understand how much insight you will gain into your candidates.

If you would like to understand the science underpinning Selector Insight feel free to download the Selector Insight User Manual and Technical Description.