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The Selector Fluid test provides an indication of candidates non-verbal reasoning abilities, in particular the ability to visualise and identify patterns, draw logical inferences, and solve novel problems. This test is particularly relevant where the following are critical aspects of the role:

  • Working with new concepts and approaches
  • Conceptualising and solving novel problems
  • Working with machinery, graphical or design information.
  • Regular requirement for critical thinking, or strategic thinking

Why measure fluid reasoning

While tests of verbal or arithmetic knowledge measure the ability to use stored knowledge from long-term memory, tests of fluid reasoning measure the ability to think without reliance on past experience. This gives insight into how candidates will reason with novel problems and how rapidly they will acquire new skills.

Performance on fluid reasoning tests are less impacted by culture, socio-economic and educational circumstances. This provides a fairer means of assessing intelligence and aids organisations in their diversity strategies and in their commitment to minimising adverse impact.


Easy to administer, and easy to interpret report.

Supports diversity; decreases impact of cultural and educational circumstances

Is a valid predictor of job success and trainability

Cost-effective at only NZ$120 plus GST per candidate (or lower for volume users)

See the sample report.

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