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Selector helps private and public sector organisations find and keep the staff and management most likely to perform and succeed.

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With our assessment tools, business owners, managers and HR professionals have more power to make the right people decisions.

Rather than relying on “gut feel” or first impressions when making critical decisions on appointments, career development or restructuring, everyone benefits from the greater objectivity psychometric assessments bring.

From operations staff right through to senior and executive management, Selector’s psychometric tools and consultancy provide essential information when checking references and selecting staff. As well, they are invaluable when designing and implementing best management practice, employee reward systems and performance management.


Selector Stress Reactions released

Selector Stress Reactions is for organisations that wish to anticipate, identify, and manage individual reactions to stress. Built upon a solid foundation of New Zealand research, Selector Stress Reactions can be used as a stand-alone assessment or incorporated into wider well-being initiatives.

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