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Selector Limited is a publicly owned New Zealand company, with over twenty years’ experience in developing modern psychometrics. Our Auckland-based team of psychologists, data analysts and software developers have developed tools that work for Australasian organisations in their unique environment, helping them select and retain the staff and management most likely to perform and succeed.

We work with small through to very large private and public sector organisations. We also partner with leading recruiters and management consultancies, which use our tools to add value to their client recommendations.

Our psychometric tools form the basis for a suite of personality, ability and vocational assessments we deliver online and used across all industries. As well as researching and developing psychometric assessments we provide full consultation and interpretation services to clients and individual candidates.

For investors

Selector Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Selector HR Technology Limited, a publicly owned company based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The share register is held at the registered offices of Selector HR Technology Limited.

Yvonne Hall

Senior In-house Psychologist

Yvonne has been employed by Selector since 2017. She has led the development and implementation of a broadened range of psychometric and skills-based assessments, facilitates Selectors’ psychometric training days and provided consultancy to several of Selectors’ key clients. Her areas of specialisation include leadership and professional assessment and development, human resource strategy alignment and applied psychometrics.

Yvonne is a New Zealand Registered Psychologist with a current practicing certificate, a member of the New Zealand Psychological Society, Institute of Organisational Psychology, and the Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group (CPSIG). She holds a Master of Social Science with First Class Honours, her thesis subject on selection methods used by large New Zealand organisations.

Her background is varied including in-house human resource management, governance, and consultancy with the public and private sector. Projects have included psychometric research, the development of leadership assessment and development programmes, human resource strategy development, professional coaching of large teams and executive and board advisory.

Keith McGregor

Senior Contract Psychologist

Keith consults to Selector and is the researcher and developer behind one of our core products.

Keith is recognised for his executive assessment work, in particular his extensive knowledge of applied psychometrics and his expert interview techniques. His current work primarily includes career counselling and life coaching, utilising psychometric tools and interview techniques for selection and development, mediation, and guest speaker roles. He is a recognised presenter and author.

Keith is a New Zealand Registered Psychologist with a current practicing certificate, a Life Member of the New Zealand Psychological Society, a member of the Institute of Organisational Psychology and a member of the Human Resource Institute of New Zealand.

His career began with the Royal New Zealand Air Force as an industrial psychologist and included behavioural science projects with international armed forces. Following this he has had a long career consulting to small to large New Zealand organisations, many of which are government organisations.

Grant Amos

Senior Contract Psychometrician

Grant consults to Selector and has a long history supporting many of Selector’s clients by applying and interpreting psychometric reports. Grant has a wealth of experience in providing independent selection and development advice to clients. He specializes in psychometric interpretation, coaching and advisory services with leaders and managers, and supporting leaders through business change.

Grant is a life member of the New Zealand Psychological Society, a former Psychologist and has degrees in sociology and psychology.

His career commenced with Air New Zealand before creating his own consultancy firm specialising in recruitment of senior managerial and sales and marketing recruitment. He also independently runs New Zealand’s only Flying Without Fear programme. His industry exposure is vast, from manufacturing to transportation and more.


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