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Are you looking at change management, restructuring or career development within a company? By using Selector’s psychometric assessment tools to support strategic decision making you can get to the heart of issues by identifying key behaviours and personality traits within teams.

Why would psychometric assessments help with staff already employed with in a company? The results you get will help you to best direct the paths of employees within the company and build on each of the strengths within a team based on their motivations and how they will likely perform in certain roles.

Our wealth of knowledge means you can compare your candidate’s results to industry and demographic norms to identify areas for growth and change based on key markers.

As a trusted brand in psychometrics we have over twenty years of experience in the development of assessment tools. Our results are backed up by psychologists who have a broad industry experience who can provide timely and expert interpretation of results. Learn more about about how we work.

Our clear pricing structure allows you to cost-effectively integrate psychometrics into your consulting engagements.

Interested in finding out how you could be benefiting from including psychometric testing in your consulting package? Speak to one of our advisors today.

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