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Are you looking at recruitment because of company growth and staff turnover?

Did you know the average cost of replacing a senior staff member comes to around 160% of their annual salary?

So when you have to think about who to hire you only want to be doing that once. Selector can help you make sure you have got the right fit with your team. By using psychometric assessments you will have a framework for reviewing how candidates fit with a role, team and work environment. It will also tell you what motivates your candidate and highlight where they are most likely to succeed.

We also offer result comparisons with industry and demographic standards for over 50 categories allowing you see where your candidate sits in their role.

At Selector we are the experts in psychometric testing; with over twenty years of experience in developing assessment tools you can rely on your candidate’s results.

By using our tools on your existing workforce you can also reduce staff turnover and improve the workplace environment by identifying specific stressors for each employee. This will help highlight the potential for growth and success within your company to ensure that you are getting the most out of the people you employ.

See a summary of the tools or simply contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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