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Your colleagues rely on you. They want insightful, practical and responsive advice about their recruitment or management issues. Our job is to make that easier for you.

Organisations use our psychometric assessment tools to select and retain top staff and management talent that are most likely to perform and succeed in their specific environment. This might be public or private sector, a medium or large organisation and in any industry.

You may have found us because you are looking to recruit or because you are wanting to make the most of the workforce you already have. At Selector group we can offer insights into both.

Our test results include full, usable “plain-English” interpretations, grounded in industry experience – not just theory. With our comprehensive assessments your people will gain valuable personal and professional insights from completing the psychometric tests, including an understanding of their personal motivations and strengths.

Selector’s psychometric tools are web-based and we track progress to ensure everything happens in a timely and efficient manner. Too busy to test? We can even administer the tests on your behalf so you and your team can focus elsewhere.

See a summary of the tools or simply contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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