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What makes you stand out from the competition? Do your clients know they can rely on you to provide the best candidates every time? Are you looking to develop the sort of recruitment practice that cements your reputation as the experts in connecting the right employees with the job?
By integrating psychometric assessments into your recruitment process companies can be confident you are presenting individuals that fit the role, team and organisation by finding out how they are likely to perform as employees and what motivates them. Want to find out more about the tools we offer and to view some sample reports

Get the edge on the competition by ensuring you have the evidence to back up your candidate’s capabilities. Knock all other applicants out of the park and grow your reputation as a thorough and effective recruiter that goes above and beyond for your clients. The next time you are putting forward a candidate for a job you and your client can have peace of mind that your candidate really is fit for the job.

Selector provides psychometric tools suitable for all industries including large-scale retail and graduate recruitment programmes. Contact us us to find out how Selector can help you.

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