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Leadership solutions

Leadership solutions

Great leaders drive organisations toward business success. They impact on measurable outcomes including profitability, innovation, customer ratings and employee engagement.

They achieve this by building relationships, inspiring and developing others, communicating powerfully, acting with integrity, solving problems, driving for results, displaying expertise, taking a strategic perspective, and innovating. 1

Selector’s leadership solutions help businesses identify and build leadership competence. We do this using NZ-normed and validated assessments and by applying the wealth of psychological and leadership insights our psychologists and consultants have acquired over many years in this industry.

No organisations' challenges, goals and values are the same. For this reason, we take a bespoke approach to leadership assessment and development. We are also able to provide international insight, and insight gathered from our sizeable database of psychometric leadership data.

Selector’s approach

Identify potential

Identify leadership qualities such as problem-solving and people engagement abilities through psychometric assessment and biographical interviews performed by one of our Registered Psychologists or Senior Consultants. Options are available for self-report or multi-source assessment.

Apply the information to selection decisions, coaching and development activities or identifying your next generation of great leaders.

Our Psychologists gather a richly textured picture of strengths and potential challenges, leadership style, thinking and working style and execution, and handling of stress. They are expert at aligning this picture to the organisational context and requirements.


Leverage strengths and address developmental needs with customised, actionable development plans, that provide a clear roadmap toward success. Prevent derailment by mitigating through increasing personal awareness and providing ongoing feedback and coaching.

Our Psychologists are expert coaches; using motivational techniques we facilitate growth and realisation of potential.


We recognise that at times leaders face extraordinary pressures. In response, we offer ongoing coaching and support. Leadership development is a journey and real change requires ongoing support and developmental guidance.

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