Selector Products

Leadership Potential

Good leaders are vital to business growth and success. They influence several organisational outcomes from employee engagement, to customer loyalty, productivity and more.

We have tools to:

  • Build coaching and development plans
  • Leverage strengths and address developmental needs
  • Inform succession planning
  • Retain high performers through investing into their development
  • Improve organisational outcomes

Selector products

  1. Selector Professional
  2. Selector Insight
  3. Selector Insight Interview
  4. Leadership Potential
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Risk Inventory
  7. Mech., Spatial & Electrical
  8. Selector Contact
  9. Selector Stress Reactions
  10. Selector Graduate
  11. Selector Retail
  12. Selector Gateway
  13. Selector CareerStep
  14. SAM
  15. Sample reports