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Selector psychometric assessments

Selector has developed a range of web-based psychometric assessments covering ability, behaviour and work style suitable for all levels within your organisation.

Selector Professional

Recommended for senior executive or strategically important roles. Read more

Selector Insight

Ideal for most roles in your organisation with the ability to add an interview question generator and industry specific norms. Read more

Selector Graduate

Selector Graduate is a variant of Selector Insight designed specifically to assess graduates about to join professional services firms. Read more

Selector Retail

Selector Retail is a variant of Selector Insight for use when hiring customer-facing retail staff. Read more

Selector Contact

Developed in conjunction with the contact centre industry this assessment provides detailed reporting of how a candidate will likely perform within a contact centre environment. Read more

Selector Stress Reactions

Selector Stress Reactions assesses reaction to stressors and gives you insight into how your candidates or staff are likely to react when under pressure. Read more

Please note: The Selector Stress Reactions report is also included in Selector Insight, Selector Graduate and Selctor Retail assessments but is available stand-alone where the interest is solely in assessing reaction to stress.

Selector CareerStep

Used primarily for career development. Selector CareerStep gives a detailed picture of a job seeker’s interests, experience, skills and preferred work environment. The assessment report lists the occupations that best fit. Read more

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