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Selector Professional

Selector Professional is our flagship product. It is used to profile candidates for senior executive and strategically important appointments. Selector Professional helps you ensure your recruitment process identifies the best person for the role.

By examining the behaviours critical to success in the role, Selector Professional shows you how well a candidate fits an existing team.

It provides powerful insights into a candidate’s motivations, determines any performance gaps and identifies training needs.

Candidates complete Selector Professional in one 2½-hour sitting. With expert analysis and interpretation Selector then produces a comprehensive report and provides valuable feedback.

What does it measure?

Selector Professional measures:

  • Verbal, numerical, logical and spatial reasoning
  • Intellectual and general reasoning
  • Vocational preferences
  • Interpersonal interaction style
  • Work style
  • Resilience and ability to handle stress

Leading to an understanding of:

  • How a candidate will interact with other people – the degree to which they are outgoing, dominant, tactful, socially dependent, team players
  • How they approach their work – their level of attention to detail, energy and drive, caution
  • How they cope when things go wrong – whether they get angry, withdrawn, doubt themselves or whether they thrive
  • Vocational preferences – analytical, practical or creative
  • Their ability to learn the technical skills necessary to do the job

Unique strengths

Selector Professional’s strength lies in its ability to identify how much a candidate prefers to do something, and how frequently they are doing it.

These two indicators help you identify a candidate’s motivation levels, determine any performance gaps and establish any training needs.

They also give insight into any disappointments experienced in their current role – an important way to determine if the offered role will repeat or avoid these disappointments.

Our sample report shows how a trained interpreter uses the information to produce a full, written profile.

We also graphed the inter-quartile range for Selector Professional’s scales comparing across several occupational groups.

Easy to use

Selector Professional will take a candidate about 2½ hours to complete online.

For accuracy, the questions are presented one at a time, and candidates cannot go back to ‘improve’ their answers.

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