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When trying to decide which jobs and industries job seekers are most suited to, Selector CareerStep can help them make the right decision.

This vocational tool provides concrete information based on interests, experiences and skills. It provides career guidance to employees of all ages and work history, creating a personalised report based on their preferences, competencies and ideal work environment.

What does it measure?

The main purpose of vocational guidance testing is to provide an organised way of thinking about what motivates someone at work. Once you understand what motivates them, you can then identify ways to make the existing job more fulfilling, think about alternative roles or help to plan study programmes.

Selector CareerStep provides a personalised report based on a candidate’s preferences and competencies, investigating their ideal environment, and helps candidates to make informed choices about their career path.

Prepare for the future

Selector CareerStep helps your candidates to take a fresh look at their skills, interests and options in the light of a new and dynamically changing job market.

Our sample report shows the depth of information provided to candidates.

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