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Selector Contact is a new psychometric tool for the contact centre industry.

Register your interest for free trials of Selector Contact and be kept up-to-date on our research findings. Released in September, Selector Contact provides a sneak peek into our new image. Selector Contact, for customer service employee selection, is for organisations wanting to better predict employee performance and improve customer experience.

We listened the Customer Contact industry and its feedback on quality of recruits, poor retention and variable performance and embarked on 10 months of psychometric research with multiple New Zealand and Australian organisations and AusContact. This research has culminated in Selector Contact.

This is what just one Contact Centre had to say during the development of Selector Contact:

“If the research phase is anything to go by, the new Selector Contact product and Selector support, will be outstanding. Here at DHL, Selector is regarded for its professionalism, astuteness and accuracy.”

Mario Tupou
Learning and Development Manager
DHL Express NZ Limited

See the sample report to understand how much insight you will gain into your contact centre candidates.

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