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Selector Retail

Selector Retail will help you make better decisions when hiring customer-facing staff. This assessment is based on Selector Insight with norms and reporting specifically tailored to help retailers recruit and develop staff as well as plan succession.

Retail is fast, simple and affordable. It is completed online and the candidate’s detailed assessment report is immediately available to you. With additional interpreter training a manager or HR professional will have great insight into what makes your retail stars successful.

What does it measure?

Take the guesswork out of selecting your retail team

Selector Retail has been developed in accordance with strict scientific guidelines, based on a sample of over 6000 people who completed Selector Insight. Its norms are based on successful applicants for roles in the retail sector.

Selector Retail provides objective measures of a candidate’s abilities, personal styles, work preferences, job ideals and resilience to stress - all at a very competitive price.

Our sample report provides the sort of detailed information Selector Retail will give you about your candidates.