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Selector Graduate

Selector Graduate provides the same detailed profile as Selector Insight but is designed for graduates about to join professional services firms.

Selector Graduate is an easy-to-use online tool designed to help you screen and select candidates and validate and manage their performance. It reports on general abilities, personality, work styles and resilience to stress and provides an objective, all-round snapshot of your graduate candidates.

Widely used by accredited human resource managers, employers and recruiting professionals in leading accounting, legal and other professional services, Selector Graduate generates a full, written and graphically illustrated report as soon as the candidate completes the questionnaire.

What does it measure?

Take the guesswork out of selecting your team

Selector Graduate has been developed in accordance with strict scientific guidelines, based on a sample of more 6000 people who have completed Selector Insight. Its norms are based on successful applicants for roles in the professional services sector.

Selector Graduate provides objective measures of a candidate’s abilities, personal styles, work preferences, job ideals and resilience to stress - all at a very competitive price.