Selector Products

Mechanical, Spatial & Electrical Reasoning

In addition to Selector’s measures of verbal, numerical and reasoning and logical reasoning, the Mechanical, Spatial, and Electrical Reasoning tests meet the needs of those reviewing candidates for roles in trades, manufacturing, engineering, and industrial roles.

Suited to entry level to experienced roles, these assessments require test-takers to rapidly perceive, imagine, sequence, manipulate or transform objects and patterns.

Use these tools to:

  • Predict job performance in a range of job groups
  • Improve productivity and performance

Selector products

  1. Selector Professional
  2. Selector Insight
  3. Selector Insight Interview
  4. Selector Fluid
  5. Leadership Potential
  6. Emotional Intelligence
  7. Risk Inventory
  8. Selector Contact
  9. Selector Stress Reactions
  10. Selector Gateway
  11. Selector CareerStep
  12. SAM
  13. Sample reports