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Selector Assessment Manager

The Selector Assessment Manager, or SAM, is our assessment administration tool, which helps you to deliver and manage Selector’s assessments at no extra cost.

100%-online convenience

Being entirely web-based means no installation is required — all you need is a computer connected to the internet and any modern web browser, anywhere in the world.

Within seconds you can send a personalised email to a candidate with a direct link to the assessment, or assessments, you want them to complete.

Apart from the email link, no candidate usernames, passwords or access codes are required.

You can monitor the candidate’s progress in real–time.

Organised projects and collaborative testing

SAM’s capabilities go well beyond sending and tracking individual assessments. Candidates can be grouped conveniently into projects, and projects can be shared with other administrators within your organisation.

Flexible billing

You can easily match SAM’s flexible billing system with your company’s billing requirements. Credit card payments can be made on an as–needed basis, or to pre–purchase assessment credits for later use.

Alternatively, you can apply for a monthly billing account and we will send you an invoice for any assessment activity.

Volume discounts

SAM allows you to take advantage of volume discounts if you pre–purchase the assessments. Simply choose the appropriate number of assessment credits you require, and then use the credits up over time.

Assessment credits have no expiry date.

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