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Gateway is a simple, cost-effective, screening tool.

Filter unsuitable candidates and grade those remaining.

Identify the critical and preferred competencies for a role. Reject candidates who don’t meet the critical competencies. Rank those remaining against your preferred competencies.

Optionally add Skills tests. Our range includes reading comprehension, data entry, digital literacy and more.

Gateway gives you an overall candidate score, and a benchmark score allowing you to easily compare applicants for the same role.


After assessing the job description and talking with the recruiter we (or you) write a bespoke test for the role.

The test link can be posted online where candidates can “apply” via the link or sent directly to your candidates.

Your first contact with the candidate is through a filtered and scored report.


Gateway is ideal for regularly advertised roles or those with high volumes of applicants. Gateway provides numerous benefits to recruiters:

  • Filters candidates without essential skills
  • Grades candidates with beneficial skills
  • Reduces time screening CVs
  • Saves money
  • Benchmarks candidates
  • Improves diversity in the workplace
  • Reduces unconscious bias

Contact us to see how Gateway can streamline your recruitment process.

View ourĀ sample report and reach out to a Selector team member for further information.

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