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Selector Insight Interview

Selector Insight Interview is a fast, inexpensive way to prepare probing interview questions, reducing the risks of hiring the wrong person.

Now you can use a candidate’s Selector Insight scores to generate specific questions that relate to that person’s strengths and weaknesses, before the interview.

Insight Interview helps those responsible for making appointments to see through the CVs, references and first impressions and better understand the real person. It is especially useful for comparing candidates.

You can order this inexpensive module for any completed Selector Insight assessment.

What does it deliver?

  • A set of probing questions you may otherwise not have considered asking, and which your interviewee is least likely to expect.
  • Prompts to examine different aspects of an individual – and challenging questions to ask his/her referees.
  • A deep insight into the candidate’s personal styles, motivations and values.
  • A much more accurate assessment of ‘fit’.
  • Clarification of underlying desirable or undesirable behavioural traits.
  • Advice on how to circumvent the problem of ‘correct answers’ (interviewees saying what they know you’d like to hear).
  • A brand new set of innovative, unpredictable interview skills.

Cost-effective and easy to use

You can add a Selector Insight Interview report to any completed Selector Insight assessment via our Selector Assistant Manager(SAM) for just $50 (plus GST where applicable).

See the type of questions you can expect for your candidates and their referees in the sample report .

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