Selector Limited

Product range

Selector has developed a range of psychometric assessments and partners with providers of a comprehensive catalogue of skill and knowledge tests.

Psychometric assessments

Selector’s assessments cover ability, behaviour and work style and are available for roles at any level within your organisation. Read more

Accountancy and bookkeeping tests

Country-specific assessments to support recruiting bookkeeping and accounting candidates at skill levels essential to success within your organisation. Read more


We are able to consult on your organisation’s assessment needs and to help you understand the assessment results. Read more

Skills and knowledge tests

Our range of skills and knowledge tests cover a wide range of industries and roles. Some assessments are country specific and all are regularly updated. Read more

360-degree feedback

Gather performance feedback from managers, peers, and customers and use this information for development. Read more

On-demand interviews

For high volume recruitment one-way video and audio screening is available. This means hiring managers get to “meet” more talent in less time. Read more


Information about our products and new developments