Selector Products

360-degree Feedback

Gather performance feedback from managers, peers, and customers and use this information for development and managing change.

Anonymous and confidential feedback from a variety of stakeholders, presented in an insightful report, aids in increasing self-awareness, leveraging strengths, uncovering and remediating blindspots, and managing change.

With this information Selector will work with your organisation to create development plans, coach individuals and leaders, create and execute change to the culture of the business and align behaviours and skills to organisational needs.

Selector products

  1. Selector Professional
  2. Selector Insight
  3. Selector Insight Interview
  4. Leadership Potential
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Risk Inventory
  7. Mech., Spatial & Electrical
  8. Selector Contact
  9. Selector Stress Reactions
  10. Selector Graduate
  11. Selector Retail
  12. Selector Gateway
  13. Selector CareerStep
  14. SAM
  15. Sample reports