Selector Products

On-demand Interviews

For high volume recruitment one-way video and audio screening is available. This means hiring managers get to “meet” more talent in less time.

On-demand interviewing means you get to “meet” talent sooner, remotely, and at scale. This technology is available as video or audio recording, and has six off-the-shelf, occupation-specific, multiple-question interviews ready to use. Custom interview questions are available.

Following candidate completion the responses are available for review and scoring and a scored report is available for distribution. Available via subscription this technology is especially suited to high volume recruiters.

Selector products

  1. Selector Professional
  2. Selector Insight
  3. Selector Insight Interview
  4. Leadership Potential
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Risk Inventory
  7. Mech., Spatial & Electrical
  8. Selector Contact
  9. Selector Stress Reactions
  10. Selector Graduate
  11. Selector Retail
  12. Selector Gateway
  13. Selector CareerStep
  14. SAM
  15. Sample reports