Selector Limited

Sample reports

Selector Professional

The Selector Professional sample report is used by a trained interpreter to produce a full, written profile.

Selector Professional full written report

A trained Selector Professional interpreter uses the assessment report to produce a full, written profile.

Selector Insight

The Selector Insight sample report is a good example of the insight you will gain into your candidates.

Selector Insight Interview

The Selector Insight Interview sample report shows the type of questions you can expect for your candidates and their referees when combined with the Selector Insight assessment.

Selector Insight Overlay Reports

The Selector Insight Overlay Reports allow you to see how your candidates compare against others in a range of industry and demographic norms.

For example here we compare our Selector Insight sample candidate with Sales and marketing and Science and research.

Selector Contact

The Selector Contact sample report gives you an understanding of the insight you will have into your contact centre candidates.

Selector Retail

The Selector Retail sample report provides the sort of detailed information Selector Retail will give you about your candidates.

Selector Stress Reactions

The Selector Stress Reactions sample report shows the reaction to stress compared to others and descriptions of what you can expect to see identified in your candidates.

Selector CareerStep

The Selector CareerStep sample report shows the depth of information provided to candidates.